About us

We are one of the leading German law offices for investors and operate internationally. We look back to about 20 years of experience in this field.

Our clientele consists exclusively of consumers and investors. We do not represent banks or other people or entities offering financial services. Thus we are completely independent.

We are specialized in investment law, banking and securities law. Our leading role in these fields is acknowledged by many important independent lawyers associations, a great number of colleagues and countless current and former clients.

In our office we combine many years of experience in high quality servicing of our clients and committed forensic representation, with a highly dedicated group of young lawyers. On this basis our clients profit from our broad experience and the thrust of a young team. Our track record shows an extraordinarily high level of successful court cases. Achieving this requires a consistent focus on law, a deep understanding of the client's financial engagement, of the relevant market, committed lawyers, employees with responsibility and integrity, and an effective organisational structure. Most important to us is a confidential and close cooperation with our clients. Highly complex cases and powerful opponents have never deterred or intimidated us. Quite the opposite is true: these aspects have rather stimulated us.

Our relationship with the media serves several goals. Through the media the public learns about our work, and many clients find their way to us via press information. Thus we are able to maintain our specialized focus as outlined above. Secondly, informing the public about fraud and other tort cases in financial matters may not only avoid future fraud and damaging of investors, but also serves as a counterweight to massive lobbying activities of banks and other actors and associations in the financial sector. We hope that the legislative bodies in Germany (and in Europe) will make stronger efforts to achieve appropriate investor protection. Last but not least, the enforcement of investors rights in courts becomes significantly easier once the public and also judges become familiar with the consistently defective state of affairs in the field of financial services, especially in Germany.

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